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Complex and large scale spaces can be labor intensive. Due to this, contractors will typically look to fabricate these areas offsite. Spool pieces can be built in a controlled environment, delivered to the site, and quickly assembled together in the space. This can be a huge cost saving for the contractor but it all relies on the accuracy of the spool and clarity of the information provided to the fabricator. Below is the step-by-step process Intentio follows to ensure a successful fabrication.



Identify Spool Pieces:

We will work with your team to break up the installation into the appropriate spool pieces and create a spool map to represent this. Please refer to the resource center below for samples.


Create Spool Sheets:

Spool sheets are then created for each spool section containing a bill of materials (B.O.M.) for pipe, fittings, and accessories. In addition, an isometric of the spool is shown with tags referencing the B.O.M. Please refer to the resource center below for samples.



Fabricate Spools Off-site:

The 11x17 spool sheets are sent to the fabricator and Intentio continues to work with them throughout the process relative to any changes made.


Spools Assembled On-site:

Once the spool sections are fabricated, the fabricator ships them to the job site where they are quickly assembled together with the help of the spool map.


Fabrication Case Study - U of M Munger

University of Michigan - Munger Graduate Residences Modular Bathrooms


Working with John E. Green and Walbridge, Intentio was tasked to perform 3D coordination and create 3D models of all typical bathrooms for the graduate residence. The contractors than worked offsite at Walbridge's modularization plant to construct 730 bathrooms. The controlled environment allowed for fewer labor hours and a more efficiently built product in the end. For more information on the process please click here.

Resource Center


Spool Plan Sample

Spool Map Sample


BIM-to-Field Brochure

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