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BIM (Building Information Modeling) has long been interpreted in many fashions. At its core, it is a tool used by the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry to plan out the construction of a building using three-dimensional modeling software. This, however, only scratches the surface of the true power of BIM. Basic 3D modeling is often confused with BIM, in reality, it is merely a part of BIM. The process comes together when intelligent information is combined with the 3D model geometry. This produces an end deliverable that can be used to not only assist with construction but also to manage facilities. The true power of BIM is the "I" - information. The information can be accessible to the BIM team and future facility managers. When operating in Revit, as information is changed, it changes throughout the model keeping it consistent. This information can be used to create a bill of materials (BOM), schedule hangers, size piping, etc. BIM is only limited by the amount of information you incorporate into the model!

While 3D modeling is the basis behind the BIM process, it is only as powerful as the knowledge possessed by the modeler. Intentio's background and advantage in the BIM industry is engineering. Our staff is taught not only efficient modeling techniques during training but also code requirements related to MEP/FP. Our clients keep coming back because we look for the problems and through working with them, we find the solutions to ensure the end product is code compliant and can be installed. We will work with you to offer bill of materials throughout the process, as well as hanger layouts and even fabrication/spooling options. Whether you're a mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or fire protection contractor, Intentio has the capabilities to make sure your next BIM project is a success!

Mechanical Piping BIM

Mechanical piping represents the majority of the large piping in a building. In recent years, with a move to chilled beam systems, additional piping systems are being introduced. More piping means more real estate to coordinate and this can be a daunting task. Complex mechanical rooms with numerous pumps and mechanical equipment require a detailed individual to make sense of it all, Intentio excels at just that. From modeling piping with proper fittings, valves, and insulation, to spool sheets sent directly to the fabricator, your projects needs can be met, whatever they may be.

Mechanical Piping BIM

Electrical BIM


As the BIM process continues to evolve, the thought process of what needs to be accounted for in a model has as well. Previously electrical BIM requirements were minimal and typically called for the modeling of lights, panels, and feeders only. That has since changed and the contractors are almost always asked to show all branch conduits (racked or not), junction boxes, outlet boxes, cable tray, bus duct, panels and equipment with clearances. This is exactly what Intentio does on all our electrical projects. We have the experience and know-how to make your next project successful.

Electrical BIM

Plumbing BIM


There are components of a plumbing system that require a certain art-related design. Venting a drainage system can be challenging and is rarely done correctly. The Plumbing Code dictates the methodology that must be used to properly vent the system. You can rest assured that when you hire Intentio, it will be done right! Changes in the field can be costly and most are avoidable if done properly. We model all piping with proper fittings, insulation, valves, and associated clearances. Equipment is typically downloaded directly from the manufacturer if accurate, otherwise, it will be modeled in-house by Intentio's BIM Specialists.

Plumbing BIM

Fire Protection Design & BIM


Unlike the MEP trades, a full fire protection design is rarely available to the contractor come bid time. Before any coordination can begin, the FP contractor must first design the system. Rather than keeping the two processes (design & BIM) separate, Intentio offers both services to centralize the process. We offer a full design and BIM services related to FP. We will work directly with the contractor during design and will model all the necessary details including equipment, piping, sprinkler heads, and flexible head supports.

Fire Protection Design and BIM

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