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When utilizing the BIM process for a renovation project, a 3D laser scan is essential for capturing existing field conditions and communicating it back to the BIM team. The point cloud can then be incorporated into the virtual model for use in the coordination process. Documenting existing conditions is just one of the many uses for 3D laser scanners. 

Measurement Verification

With the precision that 3D laser scanners operate, contractors often wish to use them for large scale measurement verification. Whether it be architectural, structural, or MEP, the laser scanner can capture it and produce a point cloud that can be used to quickly take measurements within +/- 2 mm. The scanner can also produce "RealViews" of the scan depicting a 3D color photo for further clarification of the point cloud.   

3D Laser Scanning - Measurement Verificaton

Size Verification

Product submittals often do not provide all the necessary information to produce an accurate 3D model of the equipment. In the case of pre-purchased equipment, the 3D scanner can be utilized to provide an accurate point cloud of the equipment. Rather than utilizing a 3D model, the point cloud can be loaded directly into the coordination model to represent the equipment and allow Intentio to precisely line up to the connections.

3D Laser Scanning - Size Verification

As-Built Verification


As the coordination process nears the end, areas are signed off yet there are often times things are changed in the field. If these changes are large scale, a 3D laser scan of the area can be more time effective than the contractor marking all these changes up. The resultant point cloud can then be brought into a Revit model for instance and traced so that the end user/owner has an accurate as-built 3D model of their building. This can be done for MEP, structure,  and architecture. These scans can be staggered throughout the process to ensure that all trades are captured prior to being covered up by other trades.

3D Laser Scanning - As Built Verification

Point of Connection Verification

Where accuracy can mean the difference between a spool piece fitting perfectly or scrapping the spool to complete the work in the field, 3D laser scanning can be combined with field layout. Using a Trimble RTS and a pipe target, you can precisely shoot your point of connections in the field. That information can then be transferred to your 3D model (containing a point cloud) and you can build your spool from connection point to connection point.

3D Laser Scanning - POC Verification

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