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U of M - Weiser Hall Renovation

University of Michigan Board of Regents approved a motion to rename The Dennison Building, “Weiser Hall” in recognition of University alum, Ron Weiser and his wife, after their $50 million donation to the University. The donated funds were used to renovate 106,000-square-feet, with a 1,500-square-foot addition. The renovations began in fall 2015 and were completed in July 2017. 

Intentio Innovations was brought on to the project to assist in the overhaul of all mechanical piping and plumbing systems. With a large renovation such as this, it is important that all systems incorporated in the building be accurately designed and accounted for pre-installation. Using 3D BIM technology, Intentio analyzes the layout and features of the new design to provide thorough installation drawings for the contractors.

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