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Updated: May 14, 2019

Field layout using Trimble Robotic Total Station for BIM design

We know the essential component of a project’s success begins with accurate layout information from the very start. During the layout and design development process, our Intentio team identifies any potential problems or conflicts and modifies them for a seamless end solution.

Our field layout service utilizes a Trimble Robotic Total Station (RTS) to relay information from a BIM model directly to the field. The BIM process is both intricate and detailed. Using a point layout device is imperative to ensure that the time spent modeling and coordinating is taken proper advantage of by carrying that information out to the field.

man onsite performing field layout

Here are some of the areas where field layout is beneficial to our clients:

  • Hanger points

  • Sleeve/core locations

  • Architectural wall layout

  • MEP layout

  • As-built checks

  • Point of connection verification


benefits of field layout - eliminates errors, increases accuracy and production, decreases cost and waste

In preparing our field layout designs, our team can indicate where any potential non-compliance areas are near the project site. This means eliminating errors before production even begins! Other benefits include:

  • Increases accuracy - most accurate and dependable tracking/plotting available

  • Increases production - previously laying out 300+ points would take three or four days, now it can easily be done in one day

  • Decreases cost - increasing production and eliminating errors, decreases costs

  • Decreases waste - eliminating errors, decreases waste

The field layout process begins during the coordination phase when hangers are populated and coordinated with the various trades. From there, each hanger is tagged and scheduled to provide all the information that the end installer will need. This is all incorporated into the end deliverable, a comprehensive install drawing that is sent to our client upon sign-off of an area. Finally, this can be sent to the field via our Trimble RTS.

field layout onsite, staked points

Field layout can also be utilized to efficiently layout all pipe penetrations from underground services. After site control has been established by the surveyor, the Trimble RTS unit is able to then precisely locate sleeves, pipe penetrations, and any applicable architectural features for reference.

A floor plan and/or schedule is then provided to the client depicting the associated points that were shot and located in the field. The Trimble RTS unit can also produce a report giving the tolerance that each point was shot within. This technique if done correctly and upfront can streamline the underground installation process for the contractor.


While 3D modeling is the basis behind the BIM process, it's only as powerful as the knowledge possessed by the modeler. Intentio’s background and superiority in the BIM industry is engineering. Our team is not only educated in efficient modeling techniques but also code requirements related to MEP, and all our employees go through a rigorous training program.

Intentio Innovations is transforming the way the world is built by connecting the digital world with the physical world, eliminating hours of work and room for error.

It's easy to see that field layout is, in fact, the smarter way!

When time, speed and accuracy is crucial, employ Intentio’s field layout services for cost-effective and precise point layout. For more information, visit

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